Scrambled eggs veganized

Vegan scrambled what? We must be joking, right?
On the contrary, we take our jobs pretty seriously so why would we be joking.
Granted they do not taste the exact same but the consistency and looks are quite similar.
Also, it does not always have to be the exact same recipe and test. Sometimes we can be a little more adventurous and every now and then try something new because this recipe truly does have its own character.

Let’s talk about .. Eggs

When arguing with non-vegan people we like to share some health and nutritional facts with them because that’s the easiest way to not scare them away first thing you say.
Eggs are loaded with vitamin A, B2 and D, protein (what a surprise), cholesterol and saturated fatty acids (the bad guys).
If the chickens that lay those eggs are badly treated and/or in cages where they do not have enough space the risk of salmonella is highly increased.
Doesn’t sound so good, right?
Tofu on the other hand easily keeps up with the protein values of the egg, contains lots of manganese(vital for developing Dopamine, a hormone that makes you happy), calcium as well as omega 3 and 6.
Furthermore 100g of tofu contains more lysine, an amino acid which is important for cell division and bone formation, than 100g of egg.

So maybe you should have a try with this delicious and nutritious tofu scramble with healthy kale or create your own version as you like it. The main thing is – keep foodcreating!

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(Deutsch) Vegan tofu scramble
Tofu scramble is a perfectly suited sunday breakfast during these chilly times.
Prep Time 5 Minuten
Cook Time 5-10 Minuten
Prep Time 5 Minuten
Cook Time 5-10 Minuten
  1. Mash the tofu with a fork until you reached your preferred consistency.
  2. Sprinkle olive oil over the tofu and heat a pan.
  3. Once the pan is hot you can add the tofu and roast it for 3 minutes without letting it get brown.
  4. Now add turmeric, salt, garlic powder, green onion and nutritional yeast and roast for another 3 minutes on mid-heat.
  5. If you like you can add some kale or spinach because it will collapse under the heat immediately, and you're done.