to cause any nourishing substance to come into being, as something unique that would not
naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes
consisting of: food n, create v


Welcome to foodcreating!

We’re so glad you’re here taking your time to have a look at our blog.

It’s a place where you’ll discover recipes for dishes
you might be familiar with – but these recipes are special.
They are all vegan. Yes, all of them.
Don’t let the word ‘vegan’ scare you off. Trust us with this one.
The outcome of our recipes does not only look the same as the dishes you know  –
most of them taste pretty similar as well. Amazing, right?

It does not matter if you are completely new to the plant based
world or if you are a full-time vegan – foodcreating offers
your loads of creative recipes which will make you miss nothing at all.
And there is even more to come on our page, so stay excited ’cause we
definitely are.

Until then, happy cooking.


Oh, and by the way, all these amazing logos were created by Egemen Karaaslan.